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Barbeque Masters catering offers excellent picnic catering services, bringing appetizing food to the great parks, backyards, and outdoor venues across Atlanta. With Barbeque Masters picnic catering, get great tasting food, affordable pricing, and the best picnic catering services in Atlanta. We offer three levels of picnic service to suit your needs. Looking to maximize your picnic catering dollars, stop by and pick up your order straight from our kitchen. If it's time you're looking to save, try our delivery service, where we'll bring the picnic right to your door. For the ultimate experience, try our full-service picnic catering. Here we'll bring our talented grill chefs to your backyard, where we do the grilling and you get to enjoy the day.

When you're looking for a great picnic catering experience, Barbeque Masters has hundreds of delicious options. Our best picnic catering menus include items such as Barbeque Masters Famous BBQ Fried Chicken, Johnsonville Bratwurst cooked in beer and onions then grilled to perfection, and BBQ rib tips slathered in our own special BBQ sauce. For the true picnic catering experience, try Barbeque Masters Pig Roast Catering. You'll get a delicious whole roasted pig plus your choice of 2 entrees and 3 side dishes. Our picnic catering doesn't stop at just food, we can provide the rentals, entertainment, games, bands, DJ's and more to truly make your picnic the complete experience.

If you need help planning your picnic, we can help find out what services we can offer you. With our extensive experience of delivering fun and delicious picnic catering in Atlanta, Barbeque Masters Catering should be the first person you invite to your picnic. Our phone operators are standing by to help you plan your next event, so contact Barbeque Masters Catering today to make your next picnic one you will never forget!

See our overview and planning sections above to help you start coordinating the catering services at your picnic event. Planning a picnic can be a difficult task. There is food, staff, entertainment, drinks, site selection, and much, much more to consider. After you review our picnic planner, we encourage you to Contact Us to talk with our experienced picnic consultants. They can help you choose the right catering menu and select a venue in Atlanta or the surrounding suburbs. When you're ready, we're here to help smooth out all the details.