Our Mission

BBQ Masters is a motivated team of hospitality professionals, dedicated to providing our guests the consistent experience of excellent food in every bite of every menu item at any time on any given moment.

BBQ Masters team members have a fundamental passion for food, a vigorous work principle, and a guarantee to avoid shortcuts that could victimize the outstanding quality of our Product.

Every hand is empowered to enforce our quality commitment in an environment where individuals and over-achievers are rewarded for their exertions. BBQ Masters strives for operational competencies that assure us a reasonable profit, enabling us to be a generous and socially responsible partner in the local communities in which we live.

We promise to give you the finest barbeque dining experience you've ever encountered.

For the past 26 years, pit master & legendary certified master chef E.L. Smith has set the standard for premier barbeque in Georgia and across the United States.