Pitmaster At Work

Our Pit-Master emerged from a single-parent household in Columbus, Ohio. With two hard-headed brothers and a precious sister, the young chef at heart was trying to alleviate some of his mother's daily responsibilities and unknowingly he undertook his culinary calling at the tender age of seven. He wanted to bake a pie like the one he saw on "The Flintstones." Nonetheless, the future chef burnt the pie while watching "Three's Company" and later realized Jack Tripper (television chef), would be his inspiration to becoming a prominent well-respected chef. However, burning the pie challenged the future culinary great and propelled his excitement and determination to be the very best.

His mother immediately decided that an Easy Bake Oven would be a wise investment that would provide the young boy with a creative outlet for cooking and prevent future catastrophes in the kitchen. With this driving passion, the future culinary sensation began creating magnificent gourmet desserts on holidays and special occasions. As a result, he was called upon by many to invent decedent desserts; therefore leading him to establish and operate his own neighborhood dessert stand. This was the stepping-stone, which paved the path for him to become an entrepreneur and own his own restaurant today, Barbeque Masters.

As a teenager, the future chef worked under the tutelage of many splendid chefs in an assortment of facilities in Columbus, Ohio such as the Grand Hyatt Regency and the famous One Nation Restaurant. After mastering the basic culinary skills, He decided he wanted to expand his knowledge by receiving formative training at an accredited culinary institution. Graduating with honors from culinary school, defying all odds because the public school system classified him as a special education student, Excelling in all aspects of his life while understanding that failure is success turned inside out and it can only be victorious when you give up and stop trying.

He was determined to walk into his destiny and invalidate those who opposed his tenacity. Ignited with a true passion the Chef had a bigger vision for his life and knew that traveling would expand his culinary and cultural education, therefore, deciding to join the United States Army. He was fortunate to travel extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East thus being exposed to various types of international cuisines.